Test first

The Hunting Club now has the opportunity to offer Mentorship for our members in two different formsPersonal Mentor and Personal Hunter .

As hunters, no matter how long we have been hunting, we know that it would have been good many times to have someone to ask. Hunting means so much more than what we get with us in the education of our degree. Everything becomes easier and falls into place when you get insight into all preparations: game behavior, how it can be affected by game management, how hunts are planned after test hunts, practical planning of hunts, organization, implementation of hunts, game after the shot, training shooting and shooting technique, equipment, etc. Learning this on your own takes many years of time and is often very expensive due to the mistakes you make.

Many of us also want to develop, find new exciting forms of hunting and gain new experiences. This can sometimes be difficult, depending on what conditions we have for our hunting.

That is why we now offer a unique opportunity for Mentorship. Click on the links below to get to the respective page and more information.